This piece seeks to shed light on a problem that many seem uncomfortable discussing. Gentrification. ‘Gentrification is Racism’ is in plain bold type to bring attention plainly to the issue. The white represents the white washing of the rich black & brown culture that gentrification ( although maybe sometimes inadvertently) produces. All of the white paint in this piece is ontop of the rich explosions of color in the foundational background representing the wide variety of cultures in some neighborhoods. It also represents the drywall that is often used in the cheaply built new housing structures. That is why some of the white is transparent, also because it shows the process at its infancy stage. You can also see drips of white paint trickling down, slowly covering the colorful background.

On the left, there are plants that are trying to thrive but when you look at the bottom, you can see they have been pulled exposing their roots. They haven’t had a chance for their roots to run deep & grow. A metaphor for black & brown people who rarely ever get to thrive in a system that was designed to keep them down. This is also why they’re in pencil & not ink. Temporary & easily erasable. In the eyes of the oppressor.

When you pan out, the whole image represents what a mess this whole predicament presents for everyone involved.

This painting Debuted at ‘Bushwick Open Studios’ (BOS) 2020

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  • 20 x 16