This piece tells a significant and universally relatable post break-up story. As a queer woman, Angie Brklyn has endlessly endured her relationships with other women being sexualized by observers as merely physical attraction. This piece as well as several of her works smashes those narratives by exposing how tumultuous and emotionally charged romantic relationships between women can be.

This piece illustrates how one party is completely devastated and an utter emotional mess while the other is seemingly unfazed and takes literal inventory of their physically left behind belongings. The Harley Davidson shirt.

Angie Brklyn painted said shirt with focus on the graphic that was printed on it. Changing the type to reflect lyrics from a song dubbed as “their song” in the honeymoon stage of this romantic relationship: Thinkin bout you’ By Frank Ocean. While also taking creative initiative to add “bitch” to accurately convey palpable resentment ( & for comedic effect) to the whole situation. The “ex” cared more about a shirt than she did about Angie Brklyn. As a whole this piece is an illuminating discovery of an ongoing theme of superficiality over substance that ultimately defined the entire relationship.

At the same time, it also serves as a sort of taunting phrase, as if the shirt is saying it to the “ex”…about missing it. lol

This painting Debuted at ‘Bushwick Open Studios’ (BOS) 2020

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  • 21 x 23