Notice of Copyright

NOTICE: All artwork displayed on are owned by Angie Brklyn, they are copyrighted and are protected by law. “Artwork” includes: paintings, drawings, original short stories, poems, creative writings, logos, clothing, & photography. DO NOT reproduce, copy, create “derivative works” (artworks based off of the artists’ original work), tattoo or display her artwork without Angie Brklyn’s permission. Selling artwork derived from Angie Brklyn’s original artwork for profit without giving the artist (the original owner, artist, and creator, Angie Brklyn) credit and compensation is also prohibited. In addition, after an artwork is purchased, the buyer (the person who has purchased the artwork) DOES NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT nor does the buyer have the right to copy, stencil, print, tattoo, or reproduce the artists’ artwork in any way, and/or reproduce and sell for profit without the original artist granting permission first. This means Angie Brklyn’s original artwork should NOT show up on t-shirts, socks, art prints, coffee mugs, cell phone covers, key-chains, printed cards, fabric, etc. without the written explicit permission from the artist, Angie Brklyn. The original artist (Angie Brklyn) still has copyright, even after the artwork has been sold. Angie Brklyn’s artwork should not be reproduced in any way without her permission, NO EXCEPTIONS. If any of Angie Brklyn’s artwork is reproduced in any way without her permission, this is Copyright Infringement and legal action will be taken.

Licensing Agreement
If you are a company who is interested in using one or multiples of Angie Brklyn’s artworks, please Contact the Artist so a negotiation for a licensing agreement can be discussed. Please be advised even with a licensing agreement, neither you nor the business entity owns copyright of the artwork(s). Copyright ownership still belongs to the artist, Angie Brklyn. A licensing agreement is an arrangement to where the original artist keeps the copyright and the artist is granting a company permission to use or sell the artwork(s) for a nominal fee during a predetermined time-frame.

Using Images on Social Media, Website, Blog
Angie Brklyn does allow sharing on social media outlets, but be sure to give the artist credit for her work. Please include the artists’ name (Angie Brklyn), the name of the artwork and a link to her portfolio website ( within the post. For Bloggers or Website Designers who would like to include an image of the artists’ original artwork(s) within a website or blog page please Contact the Artist and ask for permission. Within the request, please inform the artist with the Title/Name and Medium (painting, drawing, etc.) of the artwork of interest and why you would like to include the artwork in the blog or website. Please credit the artist (Angie Brklyn) with a link to her digital portfolio.

Acceptance of agreement : You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions. By accessing and using and Services you agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement, you are not authorized to access or use and Services.

This document was last updated on October 3, 2020