Angie Brklyn is a visual artist and writer, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She chose her name as a tribute to the Borough that will always have her heart. As a young black latina, more often than not, she would get the exhausting question: “Where are you from?” Though in reference to her ethnically ambiguous features, her answer had always been “BROOKLYN!!!” (she repped BK harddd- way before it was “hip” aka gentrified.)

she repped BK harddd- way before it was “hip” aka gentrified.

She began drawing & reading at a very young age. As an adolescent she took a liking to graffiti and portraiture drawings. While studying illustration at the High School of Fashion Industries in Chelsea, she was able to experiment with photography and excel at playwriting. She studied graphic design at AiNYC & Pratt Institute, where she was enamored of design movements such as Dadaism & Russian constructivism.

A lifetime in Brooklyn along with commuting to Manhattan has heavily influenced her work, as well as her personality. She considers her work to be constant “works in progress” in the vein of “impermanence”- a cornerstone teaching of Buddhism. Viewing them collectively as visual style explorations on the journey of her continued growth as an artist.

Coming out as a Lesbian in her early 20’s exposed her to the LGBTQ+ scene of the early 2010’s in NYC. Developing friendships & relationships within the LGBTQ+ community allowed her to embrace an aspect of herself that had been neglected.

Although alcohol, sex and debauchery were a perpetual part of the equation in this part of her life- these experiences only fueled and shaped her art. The tumultuous romances especially transformed her aesthetic, those influences can be found within the small, sometimes thread-like texts found in her paintings, as well as the bulk of her writings

A complex collage of a person, Angie Brklyn is grateful for art as an outlet for emotion.